Where does the report data come from?

All data is drawn from Eventor via the Application Program Interface (API) provided to Orienteering Australia as part of the Eventor system.
The API methods allows OA to use a web service to read the data from Eventor.  This is then stored and made available on this website.

How frequently is the data refreshed?

  • Contact details and membership data is refreshed every hour on the hour. The process takes about 10 mins to refresh all states.
  • Membership stats data for the current year is refreshed overnight from midnight  onwards.
  • Age and Sex stats for the current year is refreshed overnight from 1 am onwards.
  • Participation and results data for the current year is refreshed overnight from 2 am onwards.
  • Data from previous years is not refreshed, but can be refreshed, if there is a need.

How can I see the latest data when the report is 'refreshed'?

At about 10 to 15 minutes past the hour, the contact details and membership details reports will pick up the latest data if you 'refresh' your browser or reselect the report from the menu.

Why are some orienteers listed multiple times in some reports?

Orienteers that belong to more than one club will be listed multiple times. 
Some Eventor administrators may also choose to have multiple administration listings.

Why don't the state elite competitive clubs appear in the stats reports?

Clubs that have been setup for state competition for the elite athletes (eg Tas Foresters, Canberra Cuckatoos, etc) are not real financial clubs so they have been excluded from stats reports.
Who do users contact about access problems ?

A user having issues with their login should contact the person who sent them their username and password.