What is available from this website?

Reports relating to orienteering membership and participation are available from this site for all states and the ACT.  These reports are drawn from data that is stored in Eventor.

State administrators will be granted access to information on all orienteers in their state as well as to statistical information on all states and the ACT.

Who will have access ?

Initially state presidents, state secretaries and key administrators in each state will be asked to recommend other administrators in their state that need to be provided with access.  The recommended administrators will then be sent an email with a link to this site along with a username and password.

It is hoped that this current access model will change in the near future so that administrators can use their Eventor login credentials to access this site.  

Logging in

To see reports a user will need to login with their username and password.   On the initial login, each user will be asked to reset their password that has been sent to them.   Once logged on, a user will be able to see the reports listed on the main menu that they have been authorised to view.