Recent Enhancements

New 'Participants & Participations' report - Jun 2021

This new report consolidates event results to provide data on participants and their total participations for each year.  At this stage a participant is defined as a unique 'firstname and surname' combination listed in Eventor results.  The report is initially displayed sorted on 'participations' which identifies the keenest orienteers. Competitors are only counted once per event as a participation even if they have multiple runs in different classes.

The report reveals that there is a need to improve the data being recorded at events in the results that are uploaded into Eventor.  It is highly desirable that at events 'firstname', 'surname', 'sex', 'year of birth' and 'club or casual group' is recorded.

'Contact Details and Membership' reports exclude non-member administrators - Jun 2021

People with an 'Administrator', 'Event Organiser' or 'Entry Manager' role no longer appear on contact details and membership reports unless they have the 'member' role for that organisation.  This prevents administrators appearing on these reports when they are not actually a member.

Separation of casuals and full members - Feb 2021

Separation of casuals from full members completed in 'Membership Age/Sex Stats' and 'Membership Type Stats' for each state.  Separate casual and members reports created under OA Stats are titled 'State Membership Stats' and 'State Casual Stats'.

New reports 'Events & Officials' & 'OA Magazine Lists' - Jan 2021

'Events & Officials' report added to all state reports.  Lists with membership details added for all states in 'downloads > 'ao magazine lists & labels'.

Minor Changes

Renaming of report to 'Event Results' - Jun 2021

The report 'Participation & Results' has been renamed to 'Event Results'.  This better reflects the nature of the report which lists all events and all results.

Issue with graphs displaying incorrectly resolved - Apr 2021

Following a recent upgrade of a Joomla Component (Tabuliser), bar and line graphs were displaying only half the data.
All bar and line graphs are now displaying correctly following the Tabuliser people providing a fix for their product.

Issue with club names in the AO magazine list resolved - Mar 2021

The issue with club names being jumbled in Download > magazine_list.csv recipient list has been resolved.

Annual rollover completed - Jan 2021

Rollover from 2020 to 2021 completed.  Statistical reports are now available for 2021, 2020 and 2019.